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2014 Police Week Prayer Coin (LIMITED SUPPLY)
LIMITED EDITION Police Week 2014 Prayer Coin
$15.00  $8.00
FLEOA 911 American Flag Lapel Pin - 1 inch height

FLEOA 2019 Challenge Coin
"NEW" FLEOA 2019 Challenge Coin features Our Lady of Justice on one side and the other side the FLEOA Badge. 1 - Unqiue shield shape 2 - 2" tall 3 - Full epoxy 4 - Original design
FLEOA Badge Black White Flag Pin
A Black and White American Flag behind the FLEOA Badge pin - 1 inch wide - Full epoxy

FLEOA Coin Holder Key Chain
Key Chain for 2017 Coin
$5.00  $2.50
FLEOA Foundation Pin
FLEOA Foundation Pin

FLEOA Handcuff Challenge Coin
"NEW" FLEOA Handcuff Challenge Coin
FLEOA K9 Boston Red Sox Coin
FLEOA Honor K9 Boston Red Sox Coin
$15.00  $8.00

FLEOA Round Badge Lapel Pin
FLEOA Badge Round Lapel Pin
FLEOA Shield Pin
FLEOA Shield Lapel Pin - 3D image - 1" tall - Epoxy cover - Polished gold metal

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